Thursday, February 26, 2009

Barack Obama: A Little Help Over There...

John Podesta (Center for American Progress), Barack Obama's advisor has been showing up on various television shows recently. He was on Larry King Live the other night with T. Boone Pickens (80's corporate takeover baron).

Picken's gave a spiel worthy of his old stockholder speech days. He spoke on the utter necessity of kicking our national addiction to oil (which he pumped into our veins for decades) and switch to natural gas (an energy source he WANTS to pump into our veins). Pickens was also one of Bush's (43) most ardent supporters.

Podesta, the former pit bull-in-chief for Bill Clinton, agreed with everything Pickens pitched. The whole thing smacks of another odd couple bi-partisan effort to bamboozle the American public in some undetermined manner (so far). Why so cynical you ask? OK, when a left-leaning Washington power monger and a staunch Republican oil monger start dating on national television, somebody should be concerned. The only exception I'm prepared to make are the cute seniors James Carvel and Mary Matalin.

I am surprised that then President-elect Obama signed off on Podesta coordinating the transition. I applaud his cherry picking of Clinton's old team. They accomplished much given the circumstances. But in this case, it was a mistake. When several of his cabinet picks were tanked for various reasons (mainly tax evasion), I wonder if Podesta's vetting team were introduced to his well documented alter ego - Skippy.

While appearing on Charlie Rose yesterday, Skippy seemed to trivialize the tax evasion debacle, bemoaning the loss of Tom Daschle and all he would have meant to health care reform. Rose, as usual, backed away from a valid point and capitulated to his guest. It was one of those exchanges that appeared to lobby on behalf of elected officials receiving immunity for the sake of the nation. It was also a great way to limbo under the fact that Podesta was not functioning at the high level he demands of others *.

Whatever happened to BioWillie? Now that's one act I'd like to see on the road (again).

* Washington Post - Tuesday, November 25, 2008; Page C01

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