Friday, November 9, 2012

In my time...

I've seen quite a bit of dirty politics in my time. Being from Chicago gives me somewhat of a head start in sorting out the misfits, power brokers and hardball tacticians from the earnest individuals who want real change...but in my time, I've not witnessed an attempt to defame a politician as viscious as the documentary that seeped onto the internet this election year.

It was called 'Dreams from my Real Father'. It was yet another despicable attempt to attach ugliness, fear and hatred to the character of the president. It first came to my attention while viewing the Drudge Report website. Drudge is basically a news aggregate, mixed with what appeared to be an effort to show the president as inept. Almost every news story seemed as though to be a headline written with the intent to place the Obama administration in a negative light. An example of this was found on the day when the largest paper in Utah endorsed the president, Drudge never mentioned it. Nor did he mention Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama. At any rate, the documentary was being advertised on the header of the website.

This documentary implied and in many instances came out and stated that the president was raised by relatives who were CIA spies,  and leaders of an underworld organization out to overthrow america. Why was this done? Because the tactic of convincing the world Barack Obama was not born in america failed. So this time, they took the approach that, contrary to the previous conspiracy theory, he was indeed born here. Born into communism. Three days ago, we received the verdict on what america thinks about this documentary, Drudge, FOX News and the pathetic reminder of what can be allowed to pass for 'entertainment' on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon.

And while I might be inclined to call for action against those that perpetrated this fraudulent smear campaign, I'll settle for something much more satisfying...making them watch the president successfully lead america to prosperity during the next four years.