Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Economy: Capitalism Tanks, Wall Street & Pigeon Shit...

The entire industry that created this financial mayhem should be dragged into Central Park and put into a different type of stocks. Those in the limos, the movers, the shakers and the pension breakers. All need to be put on public display. Let it snow, rain or just plain pigeon-shit over them. This is how the healing begins in America. When we feel we have gotten our money's worth, transition the lot of 'em to ' Gitmo' (the VACANCY sign is warming up).

Ok, now that I've vented (and feel better), let's see where we stand:

That Tim Geithner needs to explain his plan to the very mob that pulled off the crime is preposterous. He should have held the press conference the night before, instead of the President. Bring the plan to the nation, not the creeps who still have the hammer in their hands, standing amidst the broken pieces of the national piggy bank. Let the men and women of this country who are funding the plan be the focus of Mr. Geithner's attention. These are the people who, in the end, had better be impressed.

America isn't going to solve the world's problems this time. Not alone, nor should we. Everyone was waiting for Mr. Geithner to come down off the mountain, toss the tablets at Bernard Madoff, and lead us to prosperity. It didn't happen, so stop expecting speeches to work miracles.

The truth is, this economic battle is the real World War III. Imagine that. All the scenarios the Pentagon has planned for, and WW III turns out to be a war they cannot fight. Smart bonds, instead of Smart bombs. It's not about Wall Street, or pleasing tired old men in suits. It's about Main Street, and the world-wide effort to restore balance.

A word about who's to blame. The financial industry is not alone in this. They needed victims and we eagerly volunteered. We were taught that absolute power corrupts, and then subjugated those that taught us to an existence as impoverished caretakers of the blackboard jungles. Our parents and their parents sacrificed to make a better life for their children. It was their last gasp before being trampled by their offspring in a bull-rush to hedonism. *Everything, all the time. It costs. The inheritance was spent, the credit - finally cut off.

A direct plea...

Mr. President, you have assembled a fine team. The world, once again, looks to America for leadership. They want a partnership in common cause that will put substance back into the term 'Allies'. There will be some gnashed teeth, crushed egos and hurried handshakes, but pride will indeed goeth, before the fall. As with many of history's toughest challenges, a great period of advantage can result. A break in the tumultuous tendencies of mankind. An opportunity to restore a frail planet, eliminate hunger and disease. Any one of those alone is worth the effort, and belief can make it so. That is your greatest tool, Sir. An honest to god ability to inspire.

* from 'Life In The Fast Lane' by The Eagles.

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