Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: The green gambit...

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson made an appearance on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ some years ago. ‘Late Night’ was broadcasting from a New York hotel room that evening, and Hunter was nestled on a couch next to Carly Simon. Doc was fidgeting with his jacket and shirtsleeves, while Dave was trying to ask him questions. Letterman, half-annoyingly confronted the good doctor “Hunter, what on earth are you doing!” Thompson looked up, took a sip of his Chivas, and stated “Well, you’ve got the hot lights in front of me and the cold air blowing in the window behind. I am not sure which will prevail.”

The above and the four seasons I experienced growing up in Chicago comprise my knowledge on climate change. I haven’t seen the Gore movie, followed Leonardo’s (the little guy) call to arms or sent checks to Greenpeace. I am pretty much like the rest of the overworked zombies that make-up the world’s workforce. We spend most of our day preparing for, getting to, sloshing through paperwork and people, and go back to our nests. We are bombarded the rest of the time with sensory over-load. Therefore, when something of substance is placed before us, we look to the talking heads of the world to explain it and tell us what to do.

Historically, the good have taken on the bad and prevented the ugly. World War II is the best example of that. And polio was confronted and for the most part, eradicated.  It is a bit early yet, but a vaccine for HIV looks promising. These were threats to humanity that were deemed unacceptable. They were confronted head on, ans our collective focus was sure. Our world would be afforded more time to smooth the imperfections that drive us onward.

With the new millennium came the wake-up call to confront something they called ‘Global Warming’. The ominous tone signaled impending disaster if the world did not change its energy habits. It seems reasonable to think that even for overworked zombies, we could have responded in the all-for-one, one-for-all mode. After all, this time nobody would have to take up arms, nobody would be killed and bombs would not be dropped.

Yet, a strange thing has occurred. Skeptics who believe climate change is a myth have gone into overdrive to hasten down the winds of change. The plans had been drawn, and the world was listening. The momentum appears to have been sidelined in favor of reviving a war on shadows, and replenishing squandered riches. Will we wait and try to catch the prevailing wind?

-Today, Thursday, 15 October, 2009 is Blog Action Day. A concept that finds bloggers around the world posting about the topic at hand, climate change. To read more posts check out

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