Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amusing Ourselves to Death...

One look at the headlines news sums up the future of the United States. No crystal ball, tarot cards, or stanzas from dead men are required. Just the headlines, indiscriminately culled from my home page, Google News today…

US pay cut for bailed-out bosses
Paps Smash Into Jackson Kids Caravan
Google’s new music service: Speculation deepens
Sailing Away with Balloon Boy
This Weeks 10 Best iPhone Apps
Michelle Obama Hula-Hooping our way to health

I thought that this might be a bit harsh on the US side, based upon one moment in time. Therefore, I decided to go back three hours later, and update the headlines…

The Mistake in Michael Jackson's Will
'Balloon boy' parents heard crying in 911 call
Report: Ex-Colleague of 'Balloon Boy' Father Says Incident Was Not An Accident
Google croons a tune with song sales
Microsoft, Google Seal Twitter Search Deals
Microsoft hoping that Hollywood touch makes Windows 7 a hit
Breaking News - Madoff's workplace was rife with cocaine, sex

Again, these were the Google headlines, not TMZ. The United States of America is amusing itself to death. The interesting thing is, we are almost at the point where pretending it isn't is pointless. My next post will outline the only possible way the US can climb out of it’s current descent into the abyss. And it will challenge everything you believe in.

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